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About Operation Child Care Project™

Military Child Care Advocacy For Active-Duty Families

Operation Child Care Project is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit dedicated to serving military families. Our mission is to advocate for military children by providing them with resources and tools to help them navigate the challenges of military life. We offer case management services to ensure that families have access to the support they need. Our national advocacy efforts aim to protect the rights of military families and help them thrive.

Image by Chayene Rafaela

Kayla Corbitt, Founder and CEO

Kayla Corbitt, the Founder and CEO of Operation Child Care Project™, is a trusted authority and advocate in the arena of military child care. With her extensive knowledge and experience in crisis counseling and victim advocacy, she brings a unique perspective and skill set to the table. Her data-driven decision-making and authentic storytelling have brought groundbreaking resources to military families in need of child care assistance.

Kayla is an active-duty Army wife who currently lives outside of San Antonio, TX.

"San Antonio touts itself as "Military City, USA," yet we have much to do to truly live up to that slogan. A United Way study recently revealed that 26% of military families in San Antonio have a family member with a special need. At Respite Care of San Antonio, we focus on children with special needs and complex medical conditions and their siblings. Our nonprofit mission is to protect, love, build trust and nurture growth of children with special needs and complex medical conditions while strengthening the families caring for them."

Respite Care of San Antonio

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