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Child Care Aware of America Goes Electronic

You may be worried if you received an email stating that your attendance sheets for the MCCYN program were transitioning to electronic with five days' notice. We are here with you!

In a significant move to match what state and local subsidy providers have already transitioned to, military families utilizing the MCCYN or MCCYN+ programs for fee assistance will be able to submit their timesheets electronically. As this is the first month this has happened, we don't yet know the impacts of this update, but we will be tracking family feedback and sharing it for your own planning needs.

Child Care Aware of America shared this EAS Family User Guide for reference. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on socials for quick updates.

Download PDF • 394KB

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Kayla Corbitt
Kayla Corbitt
9 hours ago

Update to families: This was recalled, please stay tuned for future updates. We will post them as soon as we know the impact on families and providers.

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