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Military Spouse Employment Challenges: From KSAT 12 San Antonio

Kayla Corbitt

In case you missed it, here is an excerpt. Read and watch the entire story here

Corbitt quickly saw that her military spouse employment challenges were far from unique.

“It does not matter how many organizations create job fairs. If we don’t have child care, how will we get to that job fair?” she asked.

Corbitt believes child care assistance holds the answer to the military spouse employment problem.

“We’re overeducated, we’re underemployed and we have teetered between 20 to 24% unemployment rate for the last two decades. The last decade, we have seen millions of dollars poured into military spouse employment initiatives, scholarships, trainings, fellowships, whatever it might be. We’re not seeing that needle move at all, and that’s because we have to look at what the core issue is,” she said.


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