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MIC 2023 Partnership: Operation Child Care Project Goes To MIC

parents with child

Join The Operation Child Care Project in Las Vegas this November! MIC 2023 partnership with Executive Director Kayla Corbitt will be hosting a panel on Military Child Care and it's impact on the community at the 2023 Military Influencer Conference. She will be joined by other experts in the field including Heather Campbell, Military Food Insecurity Subject Matter Expert, Maria Quinn, Founder of Design Your Family Life, and Jennifer Bittner, Executive Director & Lead Researcher for Exceptional Families of the Military.

Kayla Corbitt will also be participating in the Military Entrepreneur Challenge hosted by Second Service Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping those in the Military Community find their Second Service. If successful, the funds from the competition will go directly to The Operation Child Care Project to improve the quality of lives for military families.


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