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Our Team

Woman, red shirt, brown hair

Kayla Corbitt
Founder & Executive Director

Woman, black shirt, arms crossed, shoulder length hair

Elizabeth VanEeuwen
Board Secretary

Woman with dark skin, long brown hair and black shirt

Katherine Torres-Pummill
Board President

Woman with light skin, blonde hair, and a tan jacket

Meredith Dost
Board Member, Data Security & Project Management

A woman with light skin, blue eyes, red lips, and curly brown hair to her shoulders

Sara Feges
Board Treasurer

A woman with olive skin, dark brown hair and a soft looking sweater

Dana Levin-Robinson
Board Member, Technology & Data

A woman with light skin, blonde long hair, a red shirt and a beaded necklace

Maria Quinn
Board Member, Military Family Experience

Resource Partners

"Exceptional Families of the Military (EFM) has heard from EFMP families within our peer-to-peer support groups concerns regarding child care. Families with medically complex children are often turned away from military child development centers (CDCs)."

Exceptional Families of the Military

Warrior Rising logo in military colors of dark green and brown
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