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A derby event where the family of a service member is speaking to the director unaware their uniformed service member is patiently waiting to greet them behind their backs
Our Mission


The mission of The Operation Child Care Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is to ensure that military families have access to affordable, high-quality child care options, empowering them to pursue their career goals and create stable environments for their quality of life. We strive to bridge the gap between the demand and availability of child care services through data-driven decision-making, authentic storytelling, and advocacy.

The Operation Child Care Project


OCCP harnesses the power of comprehensive data analysis to meticulously identify the full spectrum of available resources, scholarships, and support systems tailored explicitly for military families. By delving into the intricacies of this data, invaluable insights are gained into the most relevant and accessible avenues of assistance. This knowledge becomes the bedrock on which OCCP builds a personalized support system for each family, ensuring no opportunity for aid goes unnoticed.

Kayla Corbitt - The Operation Child Care Project


At The Operation Child Care Project, the vision extends beyond offering immediate relief to military families. A resolute commitment drives OCCP to catalyze systemic change, transforming the landscape of child care accessibility and affordability for those who serve our nation.


Through tireless advocacy efforts, OCCP champions policy reforms that pave the way for a brighter future, pushing for changes to improve child care accessibility and affordability. By collaborating with key stakeholders and policymakers, OCCP breaks down barriers that hinder military families from accessing the support they truly deserve.


As we sow the seeds of progress and empowerment, we stand united in our commitment to building a more inclusive, and thriving community for all.

The Operation Child Care Project - Military Child Care Support


The Operation Child Care Project channels acquired funding into an unyielding mission: to extend life-changing scholarships to military families during periods of transition, granting them access to superior child care that would otherwise remain beyond their reach. These scholarships will not only enhance their quality of life but also serve as a beacon of hope, ensuring their survival in the face of daunting challenges. Through this profound initiative, these brave families are empowered, their spirits are lifted, and OCCP paves the way for a future teeming with possibilities.


As these families gain financial stability through the opportunity to secure employment, a powerful chain reaction is set in motion, reverberating through communities and society at large.


The ripples of positive change become evident through lowered food insecurity rates, as families can now afford a consistent and nutritious diet. As economic barriers are dismantled, better housing opportunities emerge, offering them a safe and stable environment to thrive. Additionally, the empowerment of military spouses through increased career growth opportunities strengthens the foundation of their families and inspires a new generation of leaders.

Child Care resources are currently available here. 


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