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Bridging the Gap
How The Operation Child Care Project Handles Case Management

At The Operation Child Care Project, the case management process is a personalized and supportive journey aimed at helping military and veteran families navigate the complex landscape of child care access and affordability.


Here's a brief overview:

1. Initial Contact: When a family reaches out or is referred to The Operation Child Care Project (OCCP) team, the process begins with an initial assessment. A team member will connect with the family to understand their specific needs, challenges, and goals related to child care.

2. Comprehensive Assessment: The team conducts a thorough assessment, gathering information about the family's situation, including their location, the ages of their children, their financial status, and any special considerations (such as children with special needs or irregular service hours).

3. Resource Identification: Drawing from a wide network of resources and knowledge of available subsidies and programs, OCCP identifies potential options for the family. This could include military subsidies, state subsidies, private assistance programs, or specialized child care services for military families.

4. Plan Development: The Operation Child Care Project team works closely with the family to develop a tailored plan of action. This plan outlines the steps needed to access the identified resources and addresses any potential barriers to securing suitable child care.

5. Implementation & Support: The family, guided by their team, begins to put the plan into action. The Operation Child Care Project provides ongoing support, helping to coordinate applications for subsidies, connect with child care providers, and navigate any issues that arise.

6. Follow-up & Adjustment: Once a solution is in place, OCCP remains in contact with the family to ensure the child care arrangement is meeting their needs. If necessary, the plan can be adjusted to address any new challenges or changes in the family's situation.

7. Resolution: The process concludes when a stable child care solution is in place, and the family feels confident moving forward. The Operation Child Care Project ensures that the family knows how to seek further assistance in the future if needed.

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